The technical analysis is a method of market analysis based on the price change history information and reliant on the charts that reflect price changes over a certain period. The technical analysis provides for a clearer picture of the market condition at any one given moment as well as forecasts about possible price changes in the future. The deductions are based on a number of factors that are taken into consideration duly.

The technical analysis is about forecasting price changes using mathematical calculations rather than economic research. This method was created to support simple market studies for the benefit of profitable operations at the securities market first and at the futures markets then.

The technical analysis is forecasting the future changes’ direction based on the analysis of price changes during past periods.

There are two technical analytical methods: 
1) The graphic method;
2) The computer mathematical method.

The graphic method is forecasting market movements with reliance on tendency and graphic figure analyses. 
The mathematical method is the computerised market study that is based on the technical indicators.