The Uniforex Best Trader Contest Rules

- One must be registered in order to take part in the contest. Having obtained registration and emailed the "Best Trader Contest Participation Application" to [email protected], a participant thereby accepts all the contest rules and conditions.
-The contest shall only be conducted on the demo accounts;
- The platform download link as well as the login & password tied to an established leverage and deposit will be emailed to the participant’s e-mail address;
- The participant will be afforded the initial virtual deposit in the amount of USD 3,000. The leverage is 1:200.
- The contest shall be deemed open officially upon the mass e-mail notification sent to all the participants. The end of the contest shall be notified of accordingly as well.
- If a participant fails to close all the open positions within one hour upon receipt of the end of contest notification, their balance shall be deemed null and void.
- The contest shall last for 20 days;
- The information about the contest results and statistics will be available in the Contest News section at; 
- The information about the winners shall be released within 3 business days upon the contest’s completion at; and other websites. 
- If any one and the same IP address is found to have accessed two or more accounts, Uniforex reserves the right to disqualify all such accounts. 
- The contest participants may not be aged below 18 years.
- The contest winners will be the three participating traders who will have the largest funds in their demo accounts by the end of the contest. 
- A trader with a position that is not closed by the declared time of completion of the contest (to be emailed duly) shall be disqualified.
- The contest winners shall be awarded upon the announcement of the contest results at the website. 
- The prize fund transfer application must be submitted within 3 days upon the contest’s completion; all applications submitted later than that shall be dismissed. The winners shall be notified by email on the day on which their names are announced.
- The top 3 traders undertake to take part in various events, such as the photo and press coverage of their winnings and so forth;

The Contest Winner Awards 

- The contest winners will have the real trading accounts opened by Uniforex for them, in the amounts as follows: 
The 1st Place – USD 1,000; the Winner’s Certificate; a MasterCard plastic card and other gifts; 
The 2nd Place – USD 500; the Winner’s Certificate; a MasterCard plastic card and other gifts; 
The 3rd Place – USD 250; the Winner’s Certificate; a MasterCard plastic card and other gifts.
The funds in all the 3 winning accounts shall be indefeasible pursuant to the contest rules. Those accounts shall be provided to the winners for the trading purposes and will allow withdrawal of the winning award in full net of the initial amount of the account. The winners may only use these accounts for 5 months during which they can withdraw their winning awards at any moment at their discretion. If any of these accounts develops a margin call, however, it shall be blocked and the contest participant/winner shall be banned from using it any further. The right of use of the real accounts shall rest with Unibank-Uniforex and the accounts can be blocked without a prior notice to the contest participants/winners in case of any violation of any rule pertaining thereto.